Originally written in Feb, 2020. Special thanks to Andy Roth (Head of Privacy @ Intuit), Prof. Jennifer King (Director of Privacy @ Stanford Law), and Joseph Ternasky (Head of Privacy & Data Use @ Facebook) for their comments.

Consumers are unsure, lawyers are skeptical, and businesses are scrambling to get the basics in place. On 1st Jan 2020, the biggest privacy act passed by the United States just came into effect — the California Consumer Privacy Act, also known as the CCPA — and it’s making big waves.

CCPA is the biggest legislative step taken in the realm of digital…

I dabble in machine learning, competitive programming, building blockchain dapps, software of all kind, chatbots, and composing music.

But that wasn’t the case 9 years ago.

I was 12 and I had just finished building my first operating system: Simpulse Virtual OS. I had just sent an email to a Microsoft rep to have them ship it with every version of Windows. It was a contained application to be used by kids who could play games, browse the internet, and use other applications including my own version of a high-powered scientific calculator, word, and spreadsheets.

But first, there were turtles.

I was known for having…

Written by Tanay Kothari.

Superman performing a CT scan in the pre-deep learning era. [Source]

If you were going to eat an apple and were doubtful if it is rotten from the inside or not, you could cut it up and see if there’s anything wrong on the inside. However, if you wanted to inspect a person, it’s neither easy nor feasible to treat them as rotten apples. And that’s where CT scans come to the rescue.

A computerized tomography (CT) scan consists of a series of X-ray images taken from different angles and combines them to create cross-sectional images, or slices, of the bones, blood vessels and soft tissues inside…

Does the Brain do Inverse Graphics? — Geoffrey Hinton

1. Introduction

‘Capsule Networks’ and ‘Inverse Graphics’ seem like intimidating and somewhat vague terms when heard for the first time. These terms weren’t prevalent in mainstream media until recently, after the godfather of deep learning, Geoffrey Hinton, came out with two papers on Dynamic Routing between Capsules and on Matrix Capsules with EM Routing [This is currently a blind submission under review for ICLR 2018 but let’s be honest, we know it’s going to be Hinton et al.].

In this article, I will try to distill these ideas and explain the intuition behind…

Tanay Kothari

Life is like Stochastic Gradient Descent: A little momentum can always help, Stanford ‘20

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